Iron Frame

Sheetal Radium & Flex is also a leading manufacturer of iron frames. Well, not just iron frames but specifically metal frames. Metal Frames for both professional and domestic uses are developed and made useful to customers. Metal frames are built by professional welding and expert team. Designing is also used to make the metal frames appear attractive and wonderful. Eye catching frames are developed which are also painted to add to their charm to impress the viewers.

In mainly domestic purposes, design is the most important thing that must be considered. Be it frames for bed, Railing, Stairs, Chairs or anything, the design must be so that it impresses the ones who look at it and must put an addition to the reputation of the customer.

Attractive paints are used to on iron frames to remove the minute marks of welding from them and also make them look attractive and eye pleasing. Sheetal Radium & Flex offers iron frames for all sorts of purposes and does the best they can to make the design be of the customers satisfaction.

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